Please VOTE - Chickens in Arlington County Backyards ONLINE Poll Yes or No

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    Actually it's looking pretty good:

    Would you have a problem with your neighbor raising chickens in their backyard?
    Yes: 160
    No: 330

    2/3rds would not have a problem.

    However, lets push those numbers even higher.
  3. BillHoo

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    Mar 4, 2008
    Oops! I misread it!

    Or they purposefully tried to meslead.

    You have to vote NO to support backyard chickens!

    The question was "Would you mind if your neighbor had chickens in their backyard?"

    So the vote would be NO, I don't mind.
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    I do not live in the area, so I voted no :) Hope it helps

    Some of the replies are ridiculous. I couldn't NOT comment [​IMG]

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