PLEASE Whats the general consensus on making a chicken vomit/SOUR CROP


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I've been reading through posts on sour crop and theres so many different opinions / methods on trying to get a handle on this. Its really frustrating me!!

Some say make the chicken vomit, other reading suggests to NOT do that, it is DANGEROUS

Some say use ACV, some say that will make it worse.

Some say just use massage, some say oil, some say saline Flush..........

Im really about to spontaneously combust.

Can some veterans here who have Experience with sour crop PLEASE pipe in and tell me what has worked or Not from their personal experiences with this problem. I would like to hear anyone with experience resolving this.

I need to do someting for my poor Barred Rock soon........

Thanks to anyone who can guide me here
I have noticed also all the different recommendations.

Hopefully someone will respond.

However, I do have one website for you, that you may not have seen before:

Please note the dire warning at the top.
old way:
you must click on articles on left where it says "impacted crop"
old way and new way.

There is a sour crop article there too if you scroll down on the left, but note the cockatiel mention at the top of the article (not chicken).
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This past spring I had a baby Australorp with what I thought was the start of a sour crop. The crop was huge and mushy and just wouldn't move. So I did some research on line and found this web site.

I used this "spice recipe" on my baby, minus the garlic because I didn't have any. I gave this to her in a medicine dropper twice a day for about 3 days and the crop did eventually move. I would give this a try. It can't hurt. I wouldn't try to empty the crop if you have never done so before as you might hurt the chicken.

Good luck and I hope all works out.
What is the correct way to hold the chicken when attempting to expel fluid from sour crop?

The WRONG WAY - Would it be similar to human anatomy where if you were upside down and laying on your back you would end up with fluid up the throat and into the nose?

The RIGHT WAY - Would it be leaning the chicken face down with its back up towards you?

I wish there was a video. I don't think I will attempt it.

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