Pls help! lost my flock except 1, looking to rehome near rhode island

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    Jun 12, 2009
    last night a fox or small animal broke into my coop and ate three of my four ducks, leaving thier morbid remains for me to find in the coop. I have a single duck left now, her name is Eve's and shes a female black indian runner, she is all alone, highly in distress and squacking nonstop. I am looking for an immediate home to kindly take her in and care for her.. ducks as we all know are extremely social animals and need friends. I live in north kingstown, Rhode island and i am looking to rehome her to anyone (with other ducks of course) willing to take her in! PLEASE! My name is Jill and my cell phone # is 401-378-0400. please call me asap if you think you can help me.. i am willing to drop her off to you, or you can come pick her up. I know of a local farm that would take her, but they free-range all the time and she'd be free to any predators.. im looking for someone who has a pen where they lock up thier ducks at night.
    Please please help, my poor ducks very lonely.
    heres a picture of her with what was the rest of my ducks.... [​IMG]

    from left to right is EVE, elvis, lacy, cricket (behind lacy) and Piper. lacy died monthes ago from a hawk attack, piper, elvis and cricket died at the hands of what i beleieve was a small fox.
    please help eve! please call my cell asap if you can help me.

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    Apr 4, 2008
    Wow i couldnt beleive it when i saw rhode island....You never see our little state pop up on here. ILL TAKE HER! drop her off to me in Chepachet RI ill call you right now. i get home at 5

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