Flock Mistress
12 Years
Jun 29, 2007
Kansas~50+ yrs of chickens
I wanted to let everyone who has pm'd me in the last week that I've been flat on my back with a torn and detached retina. I'm now allowed to be up and around a tiny bit. I will return your pm's as soon as I'm able. Not ignoring you.....just can't see the keyboard too well at this point in time.
Sorry to hear it, glad to hear from you though. I was worried.
Yikes! Feel better Katy

I tried to make this really big so you could see it but Nifty doesnt let us play with font size....geesh!
So I made it bold

Edited to add... When I read the title of the post, I couldnt figure out why you would be posting about PMS. You arent usually so 'risque'
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Mrs. Turbo :

Katy.....I really did think you were ignoring me.....

hope you get better soon.

I have bombarded her with emails, I said oops, something must be wrong if she isn't cussing at me!
I was going to make a post as to what was going on with Katy, but then thought maybe she didn't want an intrusion!! Never thought about a PM invasion of where are you? !!! lol

Anywho Katy we wish you well and take heed with your doctor and progress!!! Miss ya on here!! Hugs!!!

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