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    Okay, I have heard that Polish chickens tend to be more flighty and have odd personalities. I'm very sure the Polish lovers don't feel that way. LOL!

    I have three Polish chickens now. Two are beautiful pullets, one pure white and one white crested black. One is a weird brown cockerel with black mixed in on his wings and crest.

    I'm worried about the mental capacity of my favorite, the white crested black pullet. She's so pretty, I love her. But she's stupid. Really stupid.

    She's not blind, I've checked and her eyes work. But, when I let her flock out to free range, she has no idea where her coop is. At dusk, she squats wherever she is at the time and just sits there until I find her with a flashlight and put her back with her flock. I've watched her wander around with no idea where she is supposed to go. I'm worried that she will end up dinner for a predator. I don't think I'm going to let her free range anymore.

    Anyone else have a stupid Polish chicken?

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    She could have a problem seeing beyond her crest. I know a lot of polish owners trim the feathers around the eyes or use hair ties to pull back the crests.
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    When we got our Polish we were told that we might have to trim the feathers so they can see otherwise they'll end up "looking like they are stupid." Seriously, that's what the professionals said. [​IMG]

    I love their personalities. They are fun little chooks.
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    You have to trim their crests so they can see. Otherwise you might as well offer them up to the predators on a silver platter.

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