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5 Years
Oct 22, 2017
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I have been waiting for my polish chicks since the beginning of March, and I was supposed to get them on April 7th, after I came back from Las Vegas for Spring Break, but they came in now!! I'm getting them from my village's feed mill, so it's not like a huge business. If I wanted to reorder them for another time I'm back, I would have to wait another week! Problem is, I've been looking forward to having the chicks for so long...I CAN'T WAIT ANOTHER WEEK!! So I'm wondering how much the chicks will grow in a week because they did say I could pick the ones they have now up when I get back, but they'll be a week old. Please let me know quick since I'm going to try and go check on them tonight!
These polish chicks are about 8 days old ~


Reasonably small as they were bantam polish like the mother hen in the pic. I wouldn’t say earlier than normal but I brood chicks outside so they toughen up quicker be it with a hen or artificial.

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