Polish egg laying habits


12 Years
Oct 11, 2007
Gervais OR
What are you Polish hens egg laying habits? My girls don't lay in the same place every day. One lays on the floor every time but never in the same spot, the other has laid in a nesting box once and on the floor the rest of the time, once it was just inside the door and almost rolled down the ramp. They don't seem to be able to make up their minds where they want to lay until it's almost too late and they just plunk the eggs down on the ground. They go from box to box, throw all the bedding out and just can't seem to get comfy. My large Buff Orps just go in the nest box, lay down for awhile and then lay an egg peacefully and neatly. Does anyone else with polish have this going on or are my girls just "special"? The boxes are plenty large enough so that shouldn't be the issue.
I have about 15 polish hens running around here and I am lucky to get 6 eggs a day.

If there are only two eggs in the nest box, I have to search the bushes around the hen house for what should be a third one.
One is laying in an old cage, on an old gunny sack.
One sometimes lays on the floor of one of my sheds.
One is laying in the goose nest.
One is laying out in the open, between two rocks.

I have have had to pull polish eggs from ducks and guinea nests.
One was laying on the hard flat floor of an old play house.

I have had them lay on top of old stumps. One stump was barely twenty inches across? The friend that found that nest, asked my why I was piling eggs up there.

I am no longer surprised when I find nest in a stupid place.

When I do find a nest, I will take the eggs and leave a couple of golf balls, that usally keeps them laying in one spot for awhile!!!!
I have a polish mix and she is a powerhouse. She lays almost every day first thing in the morning up to about 1:00 no later. Same place all the time..My favorite

She lays brown eggs too.
Wow. I think your Polish are messing with you. lol I can't imagine how it could lay on top of a stump and not have it roll off. I guess I should be thankful that mine lay in the coop even though it's on the floor.

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