Polish has a bald spot on head!


8 Years
Mar 13, 2011
My polish roo strated molting but he has a huge bold spot on his head and I can see the feather holes. Im scared the feathers wont grow in. Is this normal?
Are you sure someone hasn't pecked his feathers out, kinda looks that way to me, if so get some blue-kote and spray the area real good, being very careful not to get it in his eyes, the blue-kote will help to heal and also disguise the area till his feathers grow back.
Were can I buy that product? He had been losing feathers and getting new ones in. But I noticed this area bad.
Call the local feed store, or if you have a farm supply store. There is a kind Blu Kote you can dab on his head, it will stop the others from picking at his wound.
It really looks as if the other chickens are feather picking him. Polish are frquently the target of such attacks, and once it starts it is difficult to control. Removing the primary feather picker is generally the best solution.
Well the rest are all hens and I havent really seen them pecking at him. Unless the two ducks are doing it but I havent seen them do it either. I will try that product though.

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