Polish With Poo Problem

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May 23, 2009
I have a five week old polish with consistent messy, runny, brown pooh. He/she started out as a pasty butt chick, but never had any problem with vent obstruction. He is also quite small and despite feathering out pretty well, is still not getting tail feathers. He acts normal and is quite energetic, but "whines" a lot. He's on medicated feed, but is also out ranging around in grass and enjoying some bugs. None of the other various 20+ chicks of similar or differing breeds have similar symptoms. In addition to wondering about his health, it would sure be nice to figure this out because he's not a very enticing chick to hold right now and he misses out on some great attention from family members because of his poo issues. Any thoughts?
PM me pls. There are a number of posts on this subject on the board at this time if you want to check them out. We'd need some more information of course to answer this please. Exact food, what's it mediated with, what's the temp of the brooder since he's not yet fully feathered - or the warmest spot he has at night when temps drop.
if your bird has been free ranging there could be any number of complications contributing to this problem (many insects are carriers and some will even give your birds worms see here:

I suggest you separate > in this way you can monitor symptoms feed and water intake (and photograph if necessary)
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