Polycarbonate Coop Roofing question


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Jul 23, 2018
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Yes...since I live in such a hot humid area I'm hoping I can do without those so as to allow more ventilation. Do you think they would hold up structurally just attached to purlins?
Did you check to see if that brand offers them vented? I'd be surprised if they didn't.
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Aug 7, 2020
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Looks like he also screwed at low spot rather than high spot on panel.

It will work, for a time. It will not work as long as it should.
Will it fail because the gasket on the screw won't be able to keep pooled water out of the hole, or for some other reason? I would have just assumed it was correct to screw through the low part, but I'm not savvy on this stuff at all. Hence the ignorant question. :rolleyes:


Jul 1, 2017
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It is better to put the fasteners through the high part because the water is channeled through the low part. It has gaskets on the fasteners (I assume because ondura does) that help some but are designed for mostly top down water, not horizontal running water. There is some protection from water getting in due to user error in putting the fasteners in, too.


May 24, 2021
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Home Depot finally got the vertical closures in!!! Roof (I sure pray) will go on this week!
My question now as I'm thinking through so many scenarios:
I had NOT planned on using any type of
material between the horizontal pieces
and the roof boards.
Will there be a possibility of leaking through the roof into the coop if I don't put anything underneath the roofing itself?

I'm thinking it shouldn't but I sure hate to get this far and not have a dry coop!!!

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