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9 Years
Apr 15, 2010
Walker, West Virginia
I am going to build a poop board and would like to know about the width of it.
I will take it back to the wall but wondering how far out in front I should take it?
I have noticed the girls on the roost when I go to shut up the coop at night and
at that time they all seem to be facing out away from the wall. So wondering how
far out to take it.

I have plywood to use as the surface so should I paint it first or
cover it with something to make it easier to clean?

Also is it alright to go ahead and use the pine shavings I use on the coop floor
or would you recomend some thing else?

I have short arms so I will need to buy some sort of tool to reach clear to the back.
Can you recommend a tool that you have used.
I made my poop board about 30 inches wide and centered it under the roost so it doesn't matter what direction they are facing. I use an old plastic ice cream bucket and a short handled garden trowel to scrap the poop into the bucket. I sprinkle shavings on the board to help absorb 'stuff' and also sprinkle DE and Stall Dri or Sweet PDZ on it every week. I didn't paint my board. I keep an empty shavings bag outside under the coop and put the poop in there until I get enough to go put on the compost pile. I clean it every 3 or 4 days. I also use shavings on the floor and that is fine. You can put the DE and Stall Dri in the shavings on the floor too, to help absorb moisture and deoderize.
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Mine's about 30" wide as well. I use a dust pan and small brush that came with it (Dollar Store) to clean it up. I save the feed bags and put them down on the poop board. With 23 birds up there the poop piles up pretty fast. I roll the bags up, put them in the wheel barrow, and run them over to empty in the compost bin about every 2-3 days to keep the flies down. The plastic woven bags last a lot longer, the paper bags only last a couple of weeks each. In the cold of winter I can let it go longer and you can throw shavings or straw on it to absorb more moisture. Our climate is pretty dry though, usually. We're having rain for a week right now though! I also bought a big box of face masks at Harbor Freight and I wear a mask when I scrape or do anything that raises dust in the coop. Depending on the weather I sometimes wear them to empty the poop.
Hey guys, sorry for the stupid ?? but what exactly is a poop board for? is it just a place for the chicks to concentrate their poop droppings?
The poop board goes under the roost to catch all the poop the birds drop over night.
Since they spend 8-10 hours on the roost there is a lot of poop. The board males it easier too clean up without having to clean the whole coop.
It is a really good idea to paint it with a high gloss paint. I and many others even cover it with a piece of linoleum.
I would think a plastic tray of some sort would be easier to clean and last longer.

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