Poop inside of an egg?


8 Years
Jun 2, 2011
I have ducks and usually I get nice eggs from them however I have seen 2 lately that appeared to have what looked like a bit of poop in the egg yolk. I say poop because it appears to be greenish grey and looks a lot like a bit of mostly digested grass. My girls do free range during the day and eat a lot of grass and the spots really did look like their grassy poop. The spots do not look anything like blood spots or meat spots, which I have seen many times in the past. The stuff is on the inside surface of the yolk.

The 2 eggs came from separate ducks (different duck breeds and different shell colors/size makes me certain).

Everyone seems fairly healthy although I have seen one of the girls sneeze a few times lately and it was one of the ones that laid one of the eggs with the poop? spot. Also (unrelated I think) I have had one girl who for many months now does not lay a shell on her eggs (she laid good eggs for over a year before switching to shell-less and membrane-less eggs). She is now back to laying eggs with a membrane. Other then that everyone seems normal. Eating, drinking, splashing/swimming, pooping, laying and running around, etc all seem to be normal.

Anyone every hear of something like this? Any idea on what might cause it? As I understand the yolk is formed pretty high up and should not be contaminated by poop under normal conditions. Any diseases that cause weird eggs like this?
do not worry about that AT ALL.

It is not poop, be assured. It may be a bit of tissue, even if odd colored. That gray thing can even be cooked and eaten right with the egg, for example, if you hard cook it and it goes down the hatch, etc. Trust me. I have done this more than once and am quite alive.

You will see this again, I bet

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