Poop on my barred rocks eggs....


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My Barred Rock has been laying now for about a month. Every egg that she lays has poop streaks on it. When I look at her behind it is always messy back there, all on her feathers. Her diet is varied including fruits, veggies, superworms and the normal layer feed (dumor). Is this a common problem? Thanks.
Sounds like she needs a good butt bath soak her butt in warm water...some mild soap if you want. and the rub her vent and fluff where the poop is sticking and it should come right off...yes it is common to have a few hens with messy vents and fluff under vent...it is more common with breeds such as cochins and wyandottes due to their extremely fluffy butts.
hmm? I will do some research on this but I don't think this is normal?... I get back to you as soon as I can!
Okay so I did some research and this is what I found hope this is helpful! Tell me if it's not and I try to find something else!
One of the biggest reasons for poopy eggs is allowing them to sit overnight in the nest boxes. Some of my hens seem to prefer to roost on the edges of the nest boxes, or even in them! (Bad hens!) Overnight, they poop on the eggs if there are any in the boxes, or step on them, breaking the shells. This makes for a lot more work if we miss a day of egg collecting. If you can manage it, collecting eggs twice a day can help keep them really clean, and also discourages egg eating.
Nope, we collect the egg not long after she lays. Its more of a smear than actual poo on the egg. I'll try to get a pic. And I still need to try the warm bath, I'm building up to that.
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We finally had to put a flap door in front of the nesting boxes and it's really helped keep them clean. But we still get a few smears. As suggested, I'd definitely wash her backside and try about a tablespoon per gallon of ACV in their water..it may well help regulate their gut bacteria and help keep their bottoms cleaner.
You might be feeding her to many fruits and veggies. Try feeding her more of the layer feed.
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