Poopy butt!


Apr 29, 2019
San Rafael
My usually pristine white Delaware has started looking rather dingy (yellowish feathers) and her rear end in particular is quite dirty looking. I believe the latter started after she dust bathed right after our first heavy rain last month and got muddy. She is acting totally normal with the exception of laying in an annoyingly inaccessible part of her run. I’d consider giving her a proper bath but it’s so cold at night I’m really worried about her drying properly. Is this a concern or indication of a health issue? Should I actively do anything about it? Thanks!
I would do some online research to see what to do. One of our chickens butt was getting quite dirty so my older sister and I devised a plan. What we did was I held the chicken still as my sister used a pair of scissors to carefully cut some of the feathers with the poop off. it seemed to work! I hope this helped you and good luck!
If it's dirt from dust bathing or rolling around in bedding, I would leave it alone - it'll preen or wash off over time.

If it's poop accumulation under her vent, then a trim works well to get rid of it and remove excess fluff so it doesn't build up as badly. Assuming the bird isn't molting you can trim pretty close to the skin if needed, like 1/4" - 1/2" if you're careful.
Trimming is safe to do even in the winter?

I've got two girls and they both just have a lot accumulating. I've checked for mites, etc. and they seem to be in perfect health. It's their first winter and I think their butt feathers have just created too much fluff down there. I'm going to clean them off tomorrow, and I'd consider a trim - but wanted to double check. It'll be only 20F/10F high/low here the next couple days. Would it be too much of a shock?
Trimming is safe to do even in the winter?

Yup, absolutely. The only time I don't trim is when they're molting, and they don't need it then anyhow. If you think about it it's worse if they get the poop building up and matting down the feathers back there, because the feathers can't hold in heat like that either.

If it makes you nervous, just trim off enough to get most of the build up off. You don't have to trim shorter than that until there's more build up.
Ok - I'll give it a go! I just know that I want every ounce of warmth for us both these next few days. I hadn't thought about those dirty, clumped feathers not doing their job anyway. Thanks!
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