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11 Years
Mar 15, 2008
Northern NJ
I am new at this so please forgive me for being a pest.

I had three chicks hatch this past weekend and the third one seems to be having problems with poo sticking to his poor little butt. He is a little smaller and not as strong as the other two but he seems ok other than the butt issue.

I read up on a few threads that I can wash his butt clean under a light stream of warm water and pat dry gently. I got it cleaned up back there and used a qtip with vasoline on it to gently coat the back end. His butt looks a little bit red and slightly protruding but clean for the moment.

I only noticed this starting yesterday. He is 5 days old today.

Is he stresed? Should we not hold the chicks or disturb them too much for a couple days? Do I need to add something to the water or wait to see if it clears up?

Edit: Thought I would add that I am currently giving them spring water with nothing added.
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Sometimes it happens, maybe the little guy got pushed into a cool spot and got chilled. Just keep the bottom clean and it should do fine!

Sounds like you did your research too and even got him all cleaned up!
My little light brahma has the same thing...I just clean her butt with warm water on a wash cloth and check her several times throughout the day and evening.

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