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Mar 2, 2015
My Buff Orp hen is the youngest of my new girls by about 3 weeks. I had her with a duckling that I decided to get rid of because of all the water mess. Now Chicken Little is a loner. She roosts alone, stays outside after all the others are in and visa versa. I've tried putting her out with the most aggressive to her, a RIR to see if that might help. All my hens seems to tolerate her but the RIR chases her a lot. There is no blood drawn and she is healthy otherwise. Any other suggestions? The other hens are all starting to lay. THis RIR gave me two double yolk 2.5 oz egg the last three days, so there's no chance she'll be going anywhere.

One other question is about a 2 years old Americana hen who molted in Nov. I've seen her in the nesting box but no eggs now since January. She had a red mite, yes 1! before she molted. I treated her and the coup with both sevin and diatomaceous earth. I've checked her and no mites, vent looks normal but still no eggs. Any suggestions why she stopped laying or what I can try? tnx everyone
Unfortunately your chick will probably always be alone. It's always best to raise a few same aged chicks together so they have a friend to bond with. There's not much you can do at this point.

Americana don't always lay well. Feeding a good quality ration that is 18-20% protein with oyster shells on the size can optimize production.
Ya, I have organic food with the protein they require. I'm still going to work on the Buff girl putting her one on one with an older hen. Maybe the one who's quit laying. Thanks for your input.

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