Poor girl broke a nail! And it fell off!


Dec 7, 2021
We were giving the birds some treats when we noticed a lot of red. Our polish frizzle dislodged a toenail and was losing a lot of blood. I scooped her up, brought her inside, gave her a quick foot bath, wrapped her in a towel, and while applying corn starch and pressure the claw actually came off.
The nail had a little hole in it and the toe had a soft little spike sticking out so I think the nail was knocked off the quick. It was very sensitive when I touched it.

Anyways, she’s all wrapped up, eating, drinking, and walking around a bit but I’m wondering if we could coat the quick and a bit of the toe in some kind of super glue. If we could coat it in something hard she could hang out with her friends without bandages getting gunked up.

Also how long should it take to grow back? (Please tell me it will)

Personally, I would not apply any glue to the nail. It will be sensitive for a few days but will harden over on its own.

You can vet wrap the whole foot, including the toe and let her loose with her friends, if you wish. Just change the wrap daily or when it gets wet/soiled.
I’m not sure on toenails but I’ve had a rooster break off his spur (quick remained) and those things grew back. I also have a different older rooster who has scratched so much he wore some of his nails down to pretty much nothing, they don’t seem to bother him in the slightest, so even if it doesn’t grow back, once it heals your bird should be fine. The biggest thing is watching for infection I would think.

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