Poor poor Abby....dog issues any suggestions?

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    Quote:Freckles is showing dominance over Abby. Freckles needs to be pushed off, held down on her side or back (gently but firmly) until she stops struggling. She is not pack leader, you are.

    Somebody has to be the boss, and she wants the job.

    No. A dog humping the owner is trying to show dominance over the owner. A dog humping another dog is showing dominance over that dog. Two very different things, dogs will always have a hierarchy amongst themselves. Humans cannot tell a pack of dogs who should be where in the hierarchy, that will typically cause aggression problems amongst the dogs as they try to assert their position.
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    "Butt Surfing"...That is great and is immeadiately replacing our "Three Wheeler" phase that we use to describe!

    My dad has a monster (125 lb +) fixed female Golden Retreiver, and her and my 5 year old play hard together, and she will sometime latch on to him. And she is strong! I've had to pull her off of him. She has never done this to anyone or any other dog that I know of? She is and has always been pretty dominant dog; even to my parents. They are push overs with her. But she submits to me; when she was a pup, she would take off and make my parents chase her around for up to an hour before she would come home. She tried this with me when I was dog sitting, but I dove on her and caught her, and put her on a short leash for a few days. I always think she is humping my boy to get back at me?
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    Female rabbits do it, too. [​IMG]

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