Poorly 6.5 week chick


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Aug 12, 2013
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I noticed yesterday morning she was sitting with her head tucked in, fluffed standing up asleep while the other were going about their normal stuff. On examining her her crop was very large and squishy. I massaged her crop and she brought up a lot of moucousy fluid and some grainy sloppy food. This didn't,t smell particularly bad although i expected a sour crop. I noticed her having a drink a few times but still sleeping most of the time. This morning the crop was still enlarged but not as much as yesterday but she is getting very thin and still making no attempt to eat. I have used a dropper to feed her a little natural yoghurt and some olive oil. But not sure if this is the right thing to do or how much she should be having.

Any advise appreciated about what could be wrong or what to do to help her feel better?
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It does sound like sour crop, but sour crop can also occur with coccidiosis. I would rush out and get some Corid today, and start her on it at 2 tsp liquid or 1 tsp of the powder to 1 gallon water for 5-7 days. She sounds exactly like a chick with cocci. She has to drink the Corid, so you might have to syringe feed her some. Be careful not to give much yogurt because it is high in calcium, too high for chicks with immature kidneys. Give her applesauce and mushy chick feed moistened with Corid water.

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