Poorly Amber

Glllian Kemp

May 17, 2015
hi does anyone know what's wrong with my 2yr old Amber hen she's suddenly went lame yesterday and is now not moving from the nest box she won't eat or drink and her breathing is very laboured tho not very noisy her whole body seems to trying to breath, very worried it's contagious to my other girls. Gill
When was the last time she laid an egg? Have you checked her to see if she is egg bound? If it's a possibility, then give her a quarter of a calcium tablet (tums) and a warm Epsom salts bath or place in a warm steamy bathroom. There are posts that describe how to insert an oiled finger into her vent to check for an egg that might be stuck and how to help ease it out, so it's worth doing a search if that's what you think it is..
Other than that,' sudden lameness and breathing difficulties can be symptoms of Marek's Disease but at 2 years old she is past the most vulnerable age to get it. Have you brought any new birds into the flock in the past few weeks?

I hope you are able to make her feel better soon. .
Hi thanks for the advice I don't think eggbound because she has really bad and smelly diarrhoea I've given her 3 lots of antibiotics from a dripper today also some Flubenvet wormer. I haven't introduced any new birds for 2 months. Can they still have the runs if they're eggbound? Gill

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