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10 Years
Jun 6, 2009
Hi new today to the forum
Acouple of days ago i caught a fox with my duck in its mouth managed to get the duck back, but it still managed to kill 2 marans and wound 3 others, any way repaired the gash in ducks neck but due to swelling has stopped eating, any ideas how to get some nourishment down her, would appreciate any help cheers
by the way any other ideas how to destroy foxes in uk so not allowed guns or snairs were over run with the ginger sh**s here in the uk allot of people think its great to leave them a bit of steak a sweet for afters and probably a coffee to finish sorry ime ranting anyway many thanks Kev
from TN
Sorry to hear of your troubles. I can't help with the fox, but your duck is most likely in shock will need electrolytes in water, sugar or honey if you don't have any will help for energy. Will need to be kept warm. (heat lamp) My drake who wouldn't eat or drink after being attacked was enticed with running water and tomatoes in the water, his favorite treat. Make sure the wound is clean out. put on triple antibiotic without pain reliever in it. can put Blu kote or red kote over wound for a protection. If you have terramycin you can add to water per direction (we didn't need this) Our drake is now fine, feathers growing back nicely, Good luck. I hope some of this info helps.
Thanks for that she started perking up a bit, wound is now healing. Used colodial silver & shes eating grass again but a bit spooked all the time. Back to the foxes they have taken 12 altogether 10 in the day but tonight is there last night, there going to meet baby jesus and answer to him ime just hoping baby is a cockerel.
Many Thanks Kev
from Pennsylvania! Sorry about your fox problem. I would be lost without a gun for "land management" issues, so I understand your fustration. Just today I took out a 25 pound porcupine that kept tangling with my dogs.

Hope you think of a way to take care of the problems! Good Luck.
mmmmmmmm if only a gun got a jack russell called jo but a bit small on her own by the way bought 6 more 10 day old ducks today look like balls of fluff

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