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Hi all, please can you help? I have a hen who we rescued and have had just over a week, we kept the 3 together that we got in their coop and fed them layers mash as advised and wormed them. Yesterday we noticed that one seemed distant and stayed in the bedding area, just standing there, today was the same and when I tried to pick her up she toppled over, I picked her up and noticed she had clear liquid from her nose/mouth with a little bubbling and she was also sounding crackly when breathing although this seems to have stopped now, I quarantined her and as I put her in she couldn't stand and had a yellow/white liquid exit her vent, very smelly. We were told they were about 18 months old. She is on layers mash (which we were told to keep her on) and fresh water, I have been cleaning them out every day or so as well. She is with 2 others but seem fine/bright and alert. Her comb has drooped over and is a little pale. Sorry for long description but I am new to chicken keeping and really don't know where to turn. Currently she is on her own laying quiet in the dark of the carrier we put her in, any help and advice would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

To me it sounds like she has vent gleet. https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/vent-gleet-aka-nasty-chicken-butt We had a hen who had it. We gave her Rooster Booster (minerals) mixed in with her water, Epsom salt bathes, and a yogurt, clove, honey, and vinegar mix. Also try making fermented feed. It is better for them and will maybe help her get better. There is a page on here that explains vent gleet, and how to cure it. Natural Chicken Keeping has the recipe that we more or less use. http://naturalchickenkeeping.blogspot.com/p/fermented-feed.html
Thank you for this, symptoms appear to be similar but no mention of cloudy dripping from nose/beak, she is now standing in the carrier although her toes are curled under slightly. I'll see how she is in the morning and call the vet
I agree that it sounds like Vent Gleet could be one of her problems. The crackly breathing/discharge might also indicate a respiratory disease. Giving some electrolytes and probiotics will help her recover if it is a respiratory disease. If it comes back and gets worse, antibiotics might be in order. Tylan50 is one of the best respiratory disease antibiotics.
Thank you, what would be the best type of electrolyte and probiotics to use that are easily accessible? We've only had her a week, we rescued her from being slaughtered and will be really sad of I lose her :0(
The nasal discharge sounds like respiratory disease, maybe viral or could be bacterial. Antibiotic may help--tylosin or erythromycin. Apple cider vinegar 1/2 ounce per gallon of water and plain yogurt will help her vent discharge. Nystatin liquid is also good for vent gleet.
Thank you, I use apple cider vinegar every time I change their water, I may try some yoghurt if she starts to eat again. Tomorrow morning will be the tell tale
An update, I've checked her this morning 6am, and it doesn't look good, she has slumped down but with her head leaning back and hardly breathing, I don't think it will be long now and looks like we are going to lose her :0(

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