Pops is gonna freek out!!!

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9 Years
Jul 22, 2010
Anderson, Texas
I have two flocks of chickens which means I have two coops for them. One flock is 10 hens & 1 roo. The other flock is their offspring which consist now of 16 pullets. I got rid of 14 cockerels. At first I was letting them free range at different times of day but now I'm gonna let them out all together. The pullets won't start laying till July. Will this stress the roo out or what. I'm eventually thinking about getting rid of pops & getting 2 new roos. I won't be hatching any eggs till I get 2 new roos. The chickens are all Texas Reds that's what I call them anyway. I take that back I do have one Dominique thrown in with mom & dad she was a rescued chicken. That's another story.
I had some minor fussing and fighting between my two flocks when I started letting the younger birds free range with the older ones full-time. The two adult roos still bow up at each other from time to time, but one is a wimp (named Imp
), so nothing is lost but pride and a few feathers.

If they are not drawing blood, I'd let them work it out. In a free range situation the less dominant birds learn real quick how to stay out of others way.

Here's both of my flocks free ranging together - this includes 2 adult roos, 3 cockerels, 24 hens, 3 six week olds, and 9 two week old chicks:


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