Porcelain or Splash Silkie Rooster??


In the Brooder
6 Years
May 25, 2013
Ventura County, CA
I need help deciding if I want a 1 year old porcelain silkie rooster from the Catdance line or a 5 month old dark blue splash silkie rooster from parents who have both won blue ribbons(not sure of the line). I currently have 2 white silkie hens and 3 black silkie hens(a one year old and the rest 3 months old) I just recently lost my rooster and need a new guardian for my ditzy flock asap! they are starting to follow our pig around lol also I'm wondering which rooster would produce the best colored babies in the future? Any advice would be greatly appreciated because I can only choose one and I have 2 days to decide:/...thanks!:)

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