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  1. appychick

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    Sep 5, 2009
    Does anybody have any input about the quality of pynchies coming out of the hatcheries? I got a few last year but poor survival rate. Also ordered 10 this spring & mostly DOA. Have few more arriving soon. I am not sure what they are supposed to look like but definate coloration difference betweeen sexes at early age. The females have lighter browns & the males have more red/orange sheen over darker browns. Male crest resembles a weak Polish crest. But the surviving roo has alot of white at 1 yr of age & minimal black mille fleur pattern. The 4 survivors from this spring-no 2 alike & lots of white....The 1 yr old adult trio all have the same comb,short floppy comb that flips over one eye. All have willow colored legs. Are these pynchies or a made up cross of some sort ? All have attitude.They are cute & just wanted them for pets,but not sure if they are the real thing.....
  2. OSUman


    Apr 17, 2009
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    Quote:Theyre probably typical hatchery birds that are from poor breeding and probably outcrossing, im surprised that they have willow colored legs.
  3. mississippifarmboy

    mississippifarmboy collects slightly damaged strays

    Is anyone still breeding these? I'm looking for some.....
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    The Pyncheons that one sees in a hatchery are far from what they are supposed to look like.....and I've never seen any with willow green legs. Most have off white colored legs.....white earlobes....lopped combs....and too much white in their plumage.
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    Sep 5, 2009
    Thanks for the input. My 2010 hatchery hens are very similar to Pyncheon guy pics ,and also the cockeral I lost was similar,but surviving roo looks like a loud colored Polish rockstar misfit ! So they must have been doing some outcrossing along with original stock.....But 2011 youngsters-no 2 alike. So I just have some pretty pets ! No, I do not plan to mass multiply these of this quality.
  6. vtaylor01

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    Sep 18, 2011
    Does anyone know where I can get some Pyncheons? We are wanting to get some Pyncheons for my kids to use for 4-H projects. Would really like to get at least 1 cock and a couple of hens. If I could get double that, at least, it would be great. The kids have been showing OE and D'Uccles, that my folks have, for the past couple of years. In fact, my son's Silver Duckwing trio took the fair by storm this year. Overall, between the whole trio, they won 8 trophies! The kids are getting old enough, they want to do their own thing, rather than relying on grandpa and grandma anymore, and they REALLY like the Pyncheons. And I must confess, I do too! I'd love to know where I can get some quality birds. Not too excited about hatchery birds, because I know you typically don't get great quality that way. Don't think I want to incubate eggs yet, either, unless that's the absolute only way to get them. I'd really love to have both some Mille Fleurs and some Porcelains! We have a pair of Porcelain D'Uccles...LOVE THEM...absolutely beautiful variety! Also, I understand that the Pyncheons have great personalities. That's always good for the kids doing showmanship in 4-H, too. My kids are very serious about all of this!

    Please, please, please, if you have any Pyncheons to spare, we would just LOVE to buy some! My kids spoil their birds rotten, too. They would get terrific homes with us! Please let us know. Even if we need to wait until Spring, that would be okay, but don't mind getting them before Winter, either. THANKS EVERYONE!!
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    Nov 30, 2008
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    Aug 14, 2011
    the ornamental contest is almost over once i find at least 2 more judges. i am going through the list i have and there are no entries for some breeds. if you want to enter now is your chance to do so. thank you (please if you enter more than one bird use seprate post for easier judging and try to include at least 3 pics from different angles)

    pyncheon ~ https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/648408/ornamental-pyncheon (HAS ONE ENTRY)
  9. QuoVadis

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    Sep 15, 2013
    How are the Privett/Welp Pyncheons? Are they acceptable representatives of the breed if I only want them as pets and for their little bantie eggs? They lay pretty well right (for bantams) right?
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    Apr 24, 2014
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    Anyone has this anymore? Porcelain Pyncheons? Its almost gone..

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