Possible Broody(Production Red)

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    Sep 27, 2014
    So my hen Little Red which is full blooded PR is in the nest box.I've got it dark and shady in 1 nest working on the other.Well after squeezing such egg out she hopped out and started covering her body with straw off the ground.I sit the egg near her and she starts to take it under her.She stopped and thought for a few seconds and darted off.She rarely meows at me,but at other hens.I haven't checked for a plucked stomach yet,but will.And could this mean she will try?Advice please!

    PS:i think she is broody,but will this dark nest encourage her more?There is also a lot of grass in the dark nest box.

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    I'm not sure if she is broody. My hens sometimes lay eggs, get off the nest and announce and then go back and sit for like two hours. They growl sometimes and put eggs under them. So give her at least a week before taking any actions of letting her hatch. You can encourage her. Give her lots of eggs to sit on. Pile the bedding around her and make the nest dark. (Not completely dark though.)

    Good luck!
  3. ThePRfan

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    Sep 27, 2014
    No plucked stomach.Nor is she acting like amother.I will see if she is out in the nest and watch every actions.Also she never pecks at me when i full around in her nest Box.
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    Sometimes the hens will sit on the eggs and show a bit of broody behavior just after laying an egg. If you see her sleeping on the nest box at night then you will know that she is definitely broody. [​IMG]

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