Possible drake?


10 Years
Feb 3, 2009
Greensburg, Pa
I just moved this from the duck forum. I wasn't sure if gender questions regarding ALL fowl should be posted here or not.

I've had the worst day ever (my rooster, Hemingway, died this morning)and 5 minutes ago I looked in on my ducks and I had to do a double-take because I saw a curly tailfeather. After weeks of being frustrated that all my ducks are females, I think I actually have a drake!

They're 23 weeks old, and up until now I had no indication of a potential drake. In fact, when they first arrived I was really upset because when I tried vent sexing them(first timer), it seemed that all 16 were females! Of the 5 that remain, they're all fairly quiet, docile and friendly and difference in voice is minimal to none.



I got into Anconas wanting to breed them and raise awareness in a rare, but useful breed of duck. Unfortunately up until now I have had the worst breeding program ever...I had no male :p

Oh duck gurus..tell me, am I back on track for duck breeding?

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