Possible dying chick?


10 Years
Mar 10, 2009
Quiet Corner, CT
HI, I just received a small order of baby chicks yesterday and one of them was not standing when I opened the box. It looked weak and so I got it under the heat. It has remained this way ever since, breathing heavily, rolling it's head back and can't keep upright, just lays sometimes twitching. It's awful to see and not know what is happening. This is my first time dealing with an unhealthy chick. I've given it some water with some of my neighbor's fresh honey in it and it just stays on it's side, occasionally chirping, doesn't seem to be able to eat. Eyes are closed and sometimes I hold it upright and it opens eyes for a minute, then back to sleep closed. Is this a lost cause? I just don't know what to do or if anyone has experience with chicks that just don't survive from shipping. The other chicks are robust and having a great time. Any thoughts?
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Ok, the chick has passed on a few minutes ago. I just wonder if this was from shipping or something like weak genetics, etc? I'll be calling the hatchery.

It's hard to feel so helpless when this happens. Poor girl :-(
I am so sorry. I lost 5 when I got mine, believe in their case they just got really cold from a bad draft, as more then half of the delivery was dead on arrival. They can be very fragile in that first week. Are the others doing well?

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