Possible egg bound banty hen..

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    I went out just now to gather eggs and noticed one of my banty hens acting really weird. She is standing upright and like shes walking on her tip toes. SHe also has poop built up around her vent. Looks like there is alittle red...possibly blood coming out of the vent also and the vent looks relaxed and she is flexing it. I just noticed it and I am concerned that she may be egg bound. I am going to bring her in the house and clean her up and try to figure out whats going on and put her under a brooder lamp to keep her warm.
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    check for any drainage from vent..

    could she have been eggbound and the egg broke?
    check for any broken shell.

    for eggbound hens, you can set them in a sink of warm water.
    sometimes a little mineral oil around the vent can help.

    or you can make a nest for her in a dim quiet place on a warm pad..such as heated towel (micorwave does well)...

    hope she's ok.
  3. littlebanty

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    Quote:Thats posssible because I do not feel anything in her abdomen. She been pooping very little because what does come out stays around her vent. I have her in a little cage and have a light on her. I put her in the sink with warm water and nothing came out. Shes been eating and drinking. Just has a very red vent and built up poop around it. I got most of it off last night but she has accumulated more since last night.
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    Apr 13, 2008
    How is she?
  5. littlebanty

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    Quote:Shes fine...I dont think it was that. I kept her in the house a few days under a lamp and soaked her in warm water and nothing. I put her back out there and shes acting fine now. Thanks for asking![​IMG]

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