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Nov 29, 2020
my girls have just finished molting and I noticed that in an egg laying box it looked like the yolk and white combined and created this gooey thing. There is absolutely no shell and am really concerned. it seems that she laid an egg with no shell... is this called something and is it because this is her first egg in a while?
So I looked that up and I see actual substances that you can pick up... what was in there was the consistently of a yolk, would that still be it?
and I don’t have a vet so is there any treatment?
she is only 3 to 4 years old and I didn’t think reproductive problems occurred at this age?
I don’t think that was a lash egg, but a shell-less egg that may have been malformed. Are you feeding layer feed or supplying crushed oyster shell for extra calcium? It may be because she has just molted and is getting back into egg laying, but you could give her a 1/2 of a calcium tablet daily for 3 days to see if it makes a difference.
I dont know what layer feed is... I haven’t had any young chickens in awhile and they have a mix of stuff with corn, i am not the one who buys it so i dont know. I tried giving them oyster shells and after two days two of my hens got sour crop.
i dont feel comfortable using an actual tablet so can i dissolve it and then dropper it into her mouth.
also does that happen occasionally where a newly molted chicken will have a messed up egg?
Where are you located? Layer feed is a balanced feed with all of the nutrients for egg laying. It sounds like you may be using scratch grains or at least corn with something else. Scratch and corn only have half the protein and not enough calcium for chickens. Most people also have crushed oyster shell out for them to take when they need extra calcium.
Im in Florida and yes it sounds like i am using scratch grains. I do give them mealworms and other dried bugs at least twice a week, should i try to give them oyster shells again... because I currently have one being treated for sour crop and i dont need anymore having it..
is there anything else besides oyster shells or eggshells that i can give them everyday?
also does that happen occasionally where a newly molted chicken will have a messed up egg?
My chickens just finished molting recently and I always up their protein intake during that time and give electrolytes to help them recover and feather out quickly. Not sure if molting and that egg correlate together but if their diet isn't sufficient and full of the correct nutrients and protein levels for age and calcium if they are hens then it may be possible. All of my flock is on Grower because we have roosters and I offer grit and oyster shell as free choice. I also add supplements with herbs to help with digestion and over all health. 🐔 fermenting their feed if you have the right feed is also helpful and gives them good bacteria for their gut.
I do have grit and give electrolytes, protein, and give lettuce and fruits but haven’t given any herbs recently.. so would you think that giving oyster shells again is the smart choice because i dont know what to decide on..

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