Possible help for those with Resp probs!


10 Years
Jun 6, 2009
St Pauls, NC
I am still having problems with my pullet and unfortunately our bills are so far behind from my dh being out of work after we moved that until they are all caught up (hopefully by next week) i am not able to spend any money except for absolute essentials! HOWEVER, I am not here for help for my own chickens (for once lol).. I actually found this information and thought maybe it could help someone else out there.. I have put my pullet on this regimen after putting her on the same dosage for 5 days and watching her *start* to get better only to get even worse when I *stopped* the meds.. So, now i will try it again! Once the bills are caught up, I will be slowly stocking up for my "chicken first aid kit"...


Hope this is helpful to someone!


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