Possible infection? How do I treat this?

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Jul 17, 2018
Lanett, AL
I free range my Roos and they fight sometimes. Pecking order and all that. It never lasts more than a minute or two. Well, my RIR (shown below) got onto with my N.Hamp Roo the other day and this was the first time since then that he’s allowed me to get close enough to take a picture of him. He doesn’t seem to be in pain but will not let me stay on this side for long. There’s no pus or leakage of any kind. I’ve heard people use terramycin. Would this be okay to use and can someone help me with the dosage? I can get someone to help me catch and hold him. I’ve raised him from a chick and he’s never spurred me. So handling him isn’t an issue.
Poor guy.
Catch him up and flush the eye with saline. Take a good look to see if there is any pus that can be pushed out (the swelling is pus), then apply the Terramycin ointment.
Give that a few days to see if helps.
If you're talking about Terramycin soluable powder, that's used for respiratory diseases, MG and MS.
The Terramycin Eye ointment would be needed in this instance as mentioned by Wyorp Rock.

He got pecked real hard by the other rooster, no doubt about that and that's what caused the swelling.
The swelling can be like water on the knee and not necessarily an infection with pus.
OR, it IS infected and filled with pus. The pus will be solid/cheesy looking.

Here's what you need to do:
If it's like water on the knee; wrap the rooster snugly in a towel on a table and tie his lower legs together with a shoe string so he cant kick or squirm.
Lay him on his side with his swollen eye up facing you. Have someone hold his head down firmly. Then use a syringe with a thin needle and insert it up into and inside the third eyelid pointing the tip of the needle into the swollen membrane. The tip of needle will puncture the membrane and watery liquid will come gushing out. Set the syringe aside and gently press the previously swollen area to ensure all the watery liquid has been removed. There will be very little blood. Then flush the eye with saline solution, pat dry, then apply a thin amount of the Terramycin Eye ointment in his eye.
Then cage him one day for observation. Apply the eye ointment one more time before releasing him.

IF there's no water in the swollen area, it's infected with pus. Use a box cutter or razor blade to open up the swollen area and remove the pus, get all of it out no matter how long it takes. Ensure the blade is disinfected and the area to be cut into. I use betadine and flush wounds with betadine as well.
The smaller the incision the better but you have to do what you think is best to remove all the infection, that includes opening up all the way.
Once all the infection is removed, flushed and pat dried; apply liquid skin or apply neosporin. You'll have to keep a close eye on him after surgery. He might scratch the wound and it will become infected.
I also highly recommend that you get him started on Doxycycline if it's infection. Here's a link, follow the directions on the container:

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