Possible Newcastle? (S)ad-vice Needed

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    This morning I found one of my 4.5 month old Derbyshire Redcap pullets sitting off by herself. When I took a closer look I noticed she had what appeared to be a "lump" underneath her eye between her eye and her beak. I picked her up and found that her eye was not glued shut or anything, but when I manipulated the squishy lump I brought some yellowish mess up to the corner of her eye. I thought it might be some cracked corn from the scratch that gets thrown out to them, but it was very soft....and more of a cheesy consistency. It didn't smell terrible, not pleasant, but not what I would consider nasty. Or, unforgettable.

    So, upon further investigation, I see that her nose (what do you call that on a chicken?) has a slight wetness to it, and her other eye also seems to have a bit of a clear discharge....so now I am thinking this is not a foreign object in the eye....this girl is sick!

    I have been researching symptoms and the closest I can find is Newcastle's Disease. She doesn't seem too lethargic but does look just a bit off. I put some electrolytes and antibiotic (Duramycin-10) I also had some ophthalmic antibiotic drops that I put into each eye.

    I have not brought any grown birds into my flock. I did just bring in some chicks, that I bought from someone who bought extra and then sold the ones he didn't want. But these babies are being brooded in the house and his facility waqs immaculate.

    This year has been the wettest we have had since we moved to the high desert. We do have a problem with pigeons and we are working to build enclosed runs so they won't be free ranging any more. I found a dead pigeon a few days ago and am worried that this is where this sickness has come from.

    Do chickens ever just get regular colds? I am thinking I need to cull this little pullet, but hate to do so UNLESS absolutely necessary. I have waited a long time for Red Caps!

    Has anyone ever dealth with Newcastle and found the infected birds develop a thickness to their discharge that resembles a bit of cracked corn or crumbles that went soggy? I have read that ND has a distinct smell that is awful, but I haven't smelled anything I would describe like that and I have a sensitive sniffer.

    If I cull her can I keep from having to put down the entire flock? Do I just cull any birds that develop symptoms? We don't have an avian vet anywhere close to us.

    Any advice would be appreciated,

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    Could it be Canker? Did you look inside the mouth for anything? Can you post pictures?

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