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Nov 7, 2011
I am posting this on behalf of the breeder that sold me my anatolian:

I have spoke with the owner a few times about him. She just got chickens 3 months ago and he has been perfect with them. They free range her yard and he is with them all the time without incident. She says he is a very loving, affectionate boy and loves attention. He is a family dog basically but they have free range chickens. She has a 3 & 5 year old and he is great with them. She has 2 female Anatolians as well...he has been around other dogs too and he is fine. Here is the negative... Since bringing him home as a pup (about 12 weeks) she tried to leash walk him and he didnt want to so she never tried again:) Now he is a year old and when she wants him to go somewhere (like from the house to outside) and he doesnt want to she will bribe him with food to get him to go. A week ago he was outside with the 2 females and she was trying to get him to go to the garage...he didnt want to...she got frustrated with him, smacked him on the head, grabbed his collar and he bit her on the arm. He left teeth marks. She also tells me that one of the females he was standing by was in heat (this is a big red flag to me). Intact males around a female that is in heat is a very different situation. She says he has been a perfect wonderful dog until this incident. The husband says he has to go and if he doesnt then he will put him down. He is a full brother to your boy. I know he is not an aggressive dog, none of these Anatolians are. He needs to be neutered and placed in a new home that will be a proper fit. Please let me know if you have any ideas of a good home for him. I have one family saying they will take him, but Im not sure if it will work out or not and Im not sure its the best fit. They are in New York and the owner will pay the shipping to get him to his new home. She loves the dog and just wants whats best for him at this point. Thanks for getting back to me... Christy feel free to call me also if you want 573-552-2825




7 Years
Sep 24, 2012
Columbus, Mississippi
I emailed Christy @ Ozark Anatolians; we're on her list for upcoming litters. She told me that this beautiful guy is going to his new home in Texas on Sunday!
I'm so glad he's been adopted! Thanks anyway!

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