Possible sick turkey


Aug 6, 2020
Hello all! New here, I appreciate any advice and guidance. Our hen (bronze turkey) started panting heavily 2 days ago and sounded congested. It was the first time she let me pet her and laid right in front of me, I picked her up and she could barely pick her head up. I brought her in our house to sit in front of a fan and it didn’t take her long to come “back to earth”. Since then she seems to being doing better (also gave her watermelon and put a small pool for them all to stand in) but she sneezes here and there. The upside is she has been my shadow since then we have bonded emmensely but I don’t want to lose her as we are planning on breeding her. She does have diahreah but it isn’t yellow and she isn’t overweight and she lays on the ground by me a lot but is able to get up and walk around to eat, drink, and do turkey things. What are my next steps to make sure she pulls through and doesn’t come down with a cold or respiratory infection?


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Welcome to BYC? I will tag another @R2elk for help. You may also want to post on the turkey forum where others may help. Do you keep chickens with your turkey? Turkeys can get blackhead (histomoniasis) disease from chickens. Worming with Valbazen or SafeGuard to control cecal worms can be helpful. MG is also a serious respiratory disease that affects turkeys and chickens. It is usually brought into a flock by a carrier bird or wild birds. Here is where to post on the turkey forum:

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