Possibly egg bound hen


Apr 30, 2014
Hello All,

I have a sick hen, she is a year old. I noticed yesterday, maybe the day before that my chicken had dirty feathers on her lower back side. She had spend the day dust bathing and figured it was dirt. I tried to catch her to look at her but she ran away, she seemed fine so I did not bother to chase her down. Today, I found her straining, her backside was really dirty, she was prolapsing at times and bleeding a little bit. She has very loose poo, but she is not going a lot, just a little sometimes when she strains. She is acting fine other than the straining, etc...

I gave her a warm bath, fed her two children's tums and some mineral oil about 6 hours ago. Still no egg. Could this be something else?

Any info would be helpful.

Thank you!


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Apr 3, 2011
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You can also feel inside the vent 1-2 inches with a gloved finger for a stuck egg. Make sure also that she is taking plenty of water, since dehydration can be another cause of egg binding.

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