Possibly my last post ever on this site (sad news)


8 Years
May 30, 2011
San Clemente
I apologize in advance for sharing this sad occurrence. I just feel that I need to get it out and this is the community that would understand. July 19, 2011 two adorable day-old baby drakes came to my house for the first time. I loved them the moment I saw them and spent hours with them nearly everyday during my summer. They followed me, slept on me, and sometimes ventured with me while I cautiously looked out for any possible danger. They were like family to me and I wondered how they would grow and if they would live to be over ten years old. I visited them everyday when it was time to let them live outside, and they began sleeping in a wooden house my grandfather made for them at around two months old. They didn't like the house much, and after two months of me forcing them into the house while they rejected it and having to clean the house daily I got lazy and decided to allow them to sleep outside if they pleased. I wonder if this was the cause of their death. Yes, sometime between last night and this morning, my father went out to see my 5 month old drakes and they lay lifeless, in which he cleaned up the mess before I arrived home from school. They appeared to have been attacked, but I am not sure what the damage was because I was too afraid to ask what their final appearance was. It is strange because last night I heard no sounds, but my room is right next to their area in the backyard. Also, a coyote would have snatched the whole body for sure. I am very depressed today and have been crying since I heard the news. I will miss my two beautiful cayuga drakes, Daffy and Drake. I only wish I could have been better.









i will always love you both...
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So sorry you lost your boys I know it hurts and the guilt that comes with it
many of us on here have stories like yours. Don't beat yourself up. They looked very happy in a very loving home.
Thank you so much. I think they were happy, even at 5 months they still followed me, let me pet them, and even sat on my lap from time to time. If I ever do get ducks again, doubtfully in the near future, I will lock them up every night.
I am so sorry you lost your drakes. Many of us have had similar experiences. All we can do is learn, improve, and hope it doesn't happen again. Unfortunately, we all have chosen to keep creatures that are considered a good meal to most other animals. Finding the balance between keeping them happy by allowing them to roam and keeping the safe is no easy task. I freerange my chickens knowing that it increases the risk of losing them but they would not be happy if I caged them everyday either. I do the best I can.

You do not have to leave BYC or give up on having ducks. Find out what predators you have in your area and do what you can to reduce their access to the birds. You may not be able to replace the boys you lost but there is no reason not to enjoy new ones. I wish you luck in whatever you decide.
I had ducks as pets, and I haven't heard of chickens being as bonding or pet-like. I do love chickens though, but I don't think I have the tools necessary and doubt my parents will respond to that shift in interest. It was really ducks I wanted
I really would love to have ducks again, although my parents at this point think my backyard is now the 'kill-zone'. My dad said "what do you want to do now" perhaps hinting if I wanted to get another pair, but I feel uncomfortable asking right now so I'll wait and see if they offer later on. It may be a very long time that I get ducks again, but I will possibly stay on BYC to enjoy the pictures and new information on the animals I have come to love. It just may be hard to see other people with ducks for a while, it's very hard just to talk about it as it is. But I thank you very much for your kindness.

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