Possibly sick Chicken, several questions

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    Jan 3, 2011
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    One of my Buff Orps (10 months old) seemed fine this morning but this evening my husband notices she is sluggish and won't eat. He's been feeding them bread in the afternoon when he gets home from work and today she won't any and was hiding under a bush. I went out and had a look, not that I'm an expert but I know the chickies better than he does. She indeed is a bit sluggish, and as son as I put her down on the ground after picking her up she went right back to the corner under the bush and just hunkered down there. Also when I picked her up she vomited, (That was a real shock let me tell ya, I didn't know birds could do that), a yellowish liquid. No funny smells or anything that I can detect an it was just a little bit but I figure that probably isn't a good sign? Also her comb has turned dark, dark red boarding into black around the edges. I don't recall that it was like that this morning either but I'll admit to not really looking all that closely b/c my toddler was at the screen door throwing a fit. What might be wrong with her? What can I do? Could it have been the bread that caused a problem? I read somewhere that you shouldn't feed bread to ducks but I'm married to one of those "I know what I'm doing" kind of guys. *sigh* I really want to make her better. HELP?

  2. maybejoey

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    The vomit could be normal if she just drank a lot and then you picked her upi. I dont know about the other things. Hope she gets better.[​IMG]
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    Jul 16, 2011
    Sounds like what I posted about last night! I don't know if it helped my girl but I held her downward and rubbed her crop at first, just the fluid came out and then the "smelly vomit" followed. I did that a couple of times and let her be. Today she's fine:idunno

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