post mature chick


9 Years
Mar 26, 2010
I helped to hatch a chick that I thought was dead, I broke him out of his egg. His yolk sac had dried up. I don't know how old he is because I was sick with e. coli for a week. I need some advice on how to care for him. I am calling him Littl Bit because am once again mourning the loss of a dear rooster, Junior. Little Bit has Junior's nose, so he's my Little Bit of Junior.Anyway, Little Bit cant hold his head up b/c his neck was smooshed inside tht egg. I assume they are 2 or 3 days old. LB is trying so hard to stand up. He's opened his eyes once but seems to like keeping them close He's had 3 drops of water off my thumb. he's nce & fuzzy & laying on a heating pad. There are 4 of these itty bitties, 3 happy healthy chicks & Little Bit. I brought him home because I cn see Junior's colors in this fuzzyness. HELP!!!!!!!!! How do I help him or her strengthen his neck??
I would make sure he gets food and water. Maybe add some sav-a-chick to give him a boost. Might even try some scrambled egg. As for his neck I would just wait and see. Trying to straighten it might do more damage. Good Luck Little Bit !
the poor little guy died today. h'd been doing so well, I thought he'd be ok. He was laying on his heating ad, his little spirit gone.

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