Post your best photographs of your pets! ( this is especially for animal photography lovers )

Farming Frenzy

6 Years
Mar 23, 2013
Kerikeri New Zealand
this thread is for those people who love photographing their animals. just post your everyday photographs and show us your talent.This is for all animals - cats, dogs, horses, chickens, etc...

I love photography - here is Ah-chan my silkie rooster

love him so much!
Here is my favorite of my Setters. The Irish Setter on bottom is Hondo. We lost him last fall to lung cancer at 9 1/2 years old. The one with his head resting on the ole man is Pistol - actually Pistol Pete - and he came with that name, I didn't name him.
Sorry about the dirty window. With two dogs, there was no keeping it clean. Pistol will actually sit in front of the door and rest his nose on the glass, smearing dog snot all over as he watches inside for us to let him in.
AWWWWW! thats adorable!!! I love Irish setters.That one called pistol pete is a really cool color! Is he like blue/smoky grey or something? really cute.You should enter my " post a pic and Ill draw it" thread.I could draw these guys! but im going to need a closer photo... sorry :) I can draw close ups better.
One of my bunnies, which has passed away. When she was a young bun she used to steal the eggs out of the nesting boxes. I think she was training to be the Easter Bunny. LOL.

cute!! I love bunnies!

check out my " chickens eaten by dogs" thread. my bunny got eaten by the same dogs last year. she looked exactly like yours. black and white minilop. RIP taira my sweet bunbun.
I don't have any great pictures of Pistol, as he is always on the move if I am around. Specifically, he is a Llewellin Setter and is very typical of that "strain" of English Setter. Pretty even 50/50 white and black ticking on his body. He has a black eye patch on his left eye, and his black spots on his head ate longer hair than the white background so I can spike them up. I'll have to get a picture of that.
I call him my circus dog, as he is always standing on his hind legs to see what I have. We have taught him not to jump up on people, so he will stand up infront you until you pet him, but he will not touch you with his front feet.

Here are a couple more of my baby:
Sleeping (finally holding still for a picture)

and wanting to come in !
cute! I must get a Llewinn setter one day...

by the way- stone_bunny, I drew your bunny! Will get a photo uploaded on this thread and the other " post a pic and Ill sketch it" thread too.

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