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    These are tongue-in-cheek comments and relay the underlying trouble chickeneers have in keeping their flocks safe whether free-ranging, penned, or cooped. Our concerns we hope are helpful to transmit to new chickeneers on this thread that chickens don't need to be kept in but predators need to be kept out. My Ameraucana (my avatar) chases stray cats out of the yard but she'd lose the battle with anything bigger or fiercer.
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    Finally got it painted! Our four year old even helped, and he picked the color :)
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    lol we are ready to start our new coop, dh said he was going to build new one for our 2 year old chickens and then I had to clean out the old one and he is going to build a run for me so my peeps don't get like the old ones last winter in coop for so many day because of snow. they also will have the chicken yard, we can not free range, wish I could but we have a man next door who would shoot them as soon as he saw them out. the run will have fence under it then a board a friend is getting for us, then I may but some dirt on it and pine needles with pine shaveings and a little hey, the hey, pine shaveing and pine needles are what I have in thier coop and it works great, then dh said he is going to open the gate which will be in between both yards let chickens go to new yard on their own he want to see who is going to stay in new coop or go back to old one.
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    The safety of our chickens is a high priority (along with their happiness and health) and I, for one, would never drop that priority from it's current height.

    I supervise, free range my chickens at all times; if I am not out there, they are not out.

    While tongue-in-cheek, I had no intention of detracting from the importance of chicken safety and it is not something that should be taken lightly in reality. While getting the safety message out to new chickeneers is vital, keeping chickens does not need to be all doom and gloom and we can have some fun with it [​IMG]
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    "Yes, but" what if you shoot one of your chickens instead of the predator? Collateral damage!!

    Sorry, couldn't help myself. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] That is great!

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    I tried sitting on my hands to not respond but sadly, I failed and had to come back with:

    That is why is you get the chickens to defend, less chance of them shooting one of their own [​IMG]

    OK, unless you tempt me beyond resistance, I will stop now and go back to lurking and admiring the wonderful coops everyone has :)
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    Sounds like you have it all figured out. Plus, if THEY are armed, YOU don't have to stay up all night watching for predators [​IMG]
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    Love that barn red color!
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    My Coop
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    Built this out of pallets and recycled materials. Total cost was $220. Size is 8x10 in the coop and 10x16 for the run. The chicks are now very happy
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