Post your thoughts: trimming down feathers to prevent poo sticking?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Dawnclucks22, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Hey BYC. I have two hens with particularly poopy butts. (TMI, I know. But this is why I need help. :lau) Anyways, they're pooping just fine, but the poop keeps building up on itself and not only is it not a pretty sight, I'm worried it might block their vents in the future. Should I clip? I can provide pictures if needed. Thanks for any advice in advance!
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    Pics would be fine, so would clipping their feathers.
    Do they have runny poop all the time?
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    I've got some German New Hampshire boys like this. Normal poops per poop boards, but poopy butts (they will need a bath soon). I think I'll need to trim feathers, they have some really big puffy butts...
  4. I haven't noticed any abnormal poo except for the liquidy kind once in a while, but I'll update if I do :) haha, maybe I'll trim too. Here are some pics:
    Sorry they're sideways, don't know what happened there...
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    One of my hens tends to get poop build up and I do clip the feathers there. It does seem to help a little and won't hurt the bird as long as you're careful while clipping.
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    Have you looked closely to see just what's there?
    Part the feathers down to vent and skin around it.
    Is it building up into a significant clump?

    Fly strike and pasty butt are possible side effects.
    Most birds should preen it off, but if it builds up too much they may not be able to.
    Have had a couple fluffier butts that need trimming, worked good tho looked funny
  7. I will check when I get the chance and report back. Thanks! :D
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    A warm rag should eliminate pasty butt. Also, it might be time to put some DE into the feed to deworm parasites.
  9. Will do. I've also got some worm medication - should I do those at the same time?
  10. RoosterCogburn7

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    Probably. I just prefer DE over worming medication that makes eggs toxic for a week. It makes me wonder what it is doing inside the chicken's internal organs.
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