Posting photos for first time........New coop need paint advice!

Qi Chicken

10 Years
Jul 3, 2009
New coop, Here are photos.............Let me know if you see any glaring errors. We will be putting linoleum on the floor and poop boards, also painting the interior walls and putting that shower stuff on the bottom half of the walls. Outdoor run is not yet under construction, but it needs to be as our chicks will be born on April 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 EE, 2 Welsummers, 2 Buff Orpingtons, 2 Black Austrolorps, 2 Barred Rocks, 2 Silver Laced Wyandottes and 1 Welsummer rooster. I want to get this photo feature down before the chicks arrive! WE NEED PAINT ADVICE!!!!!!!!!! I want it playful, feel free to weigh in!





ETA Just noticed in the nestboxes are all the notes from BYCers giving dimentions for the nest boxes..............way to go guys, thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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nice coop

i'm partial to pretty blues...
You could do peach for the outside and pretty blue inside or vise versa...

Or sage green and white trim on the outside to brighten it up and go with the landscape with a plum on the inside.
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Ok first off the inside I would go with a white or sunshine yellow the outside I would go with Barn red with white trim because it looks as if you the barn door design on the doors already.

It is your choice but for the most part the inside is your canvas just remeber to prime it with at least 2 coats of Killz I cost a lil more but it will keep the wood from taking on the smell that will be in the coop.

Good luck to you
I wouldn't paint it at all. Not the outside anyway. Wonderful coop!!!!!!!!

If you live near a Lowe's Building Supply you can by "mistake" gallons that people return for 1/2 price. That's what I did. I bought 2 gallons of brick red, and 1/2 gallon of tan for the trim for less than $10.
Oh its gorgeous!!! LOVE IT!

I didn't get to, but I wanted to, paint ours like the classic barn colors... red and white. I bought buckets on clearance of dark sage green and chocolate brown for trim instead. Ours mixes well into the background and you don't even notice it again the tree lined back yard.

This is just an idea though, I did some research as part of an art website I'm on, but I was looking at the old 'barn quilts'. Have you seen these? Gorgeous paintings, that look to be like quilts painted on the side of barns. I love them, I think that would be a nice artistic touch!

P.s.- We didn't paint the inside or ours.
Oh my gosh - what a beautiful coop.

I wouldn't paint the outside. Seal the wood and leave it natural. It's sooooo pretty.

The inside is sizable, which means that you can really go with any color that makes you happy. I went with dark brown and ice blue with the roost and nest left natural and the windows painted white, just because these are colors that I already had in my basement and I liked the combination together.

One thing - prime prime prime. That OSB (??) wood will soak it all up. You very likely will need 2 coats of primer. I have found when working with wood that an oil-based primer works better at covering up knots and imperfections. You can use a latex (water clean-up) semigloss EXTERIOR paint for the walls. Don't use interior -- the temperature fluxuations will cause it to break down quicker than an exterior paint.

I also used the T1-11 on my exterior - I used a Behr waterproofing stain and it only lasted one winter before it peeled up. Very disappointing. Now I just coat it each spring with a linseed oil/mineral base combo that soaks into the wood giving it some nice, natural color and waterproofing abilities. I've been doing this for 12 years with my teak patio furniture and it's still good as new.

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