Pot belly pig


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5 Years
Mar 24, 2014
Hi, I have a pot belly pig who was born Feb.11th, so he's 2 months old. He's been living indoors but I decided I'd prefer him to move outside. They say pigs are really clean animals but I think I got the one exception lol. He is super messy and although he has his usual potty spot it doesn't stop him from going in his water dish or other random places like his bed where he sleeps. My question is can I just move him outdoors now that he is 2 months or do I need to wait for him to get older? He will be sharing a shed with chickens ( he will have one side and they the other) but he will not have another pig to keep him company. Thanks for the advice!

Only a few days of bringing him home:

Few days ago, decided he needed to check out the dogs water dish:

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