Poult feed advice please!


7 Years
Jun 26, 2012
South Dakota
I got 3 poults at the feed store, thinking they were just like chicks and BOY have I learned my lesson. I lost 2 of my first three (likely cocci because I put them in the brooder I just raised 25 chicks in.) I went and refilled my brand new turkey brooder tub and now have 4. I am doing 1tsp ACV/ 1qt water... Hoping to prevent the cocci. The only starter feed I can get is 18% protein, and I am glad I got the medicated. My question is... What do I add for extra protein. I have been smashing up a boiled egg a day to split between the 4 until I either find higher protein food or get a better suggestion.


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Jul 25, 2013
Here is what I do for mine. I have never bought farm store turkeys (I hatch my own) but I did buy farm store meat chicks and almost all died.
I will not buy from a farm store again, anyway.

When my turkeys hatch, I feed them regular meat bird feed or gamebird feed (higher protein) but what I do for the first week or so is mix it with water to make a mash. As the weeks go on, I add less and less water until they are on all dry feed. In addition I give them a hard boiled egg. They need LOTS of protein as poults. These are going to be big birds so they need all they can get!

I hope this helps!


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Feb 16, 2012
Blaine, WA
they will starve to death with 18% feed..Get 24% or better. Best to get 28 or 30 if you can. Add the acv to the water and I add a couple drops of liquid bird vit just to get them going good..I do not use the medicated feeds.
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