Poultry Brooders, Incubators, Feeders, Waterers, MISC Large Lot

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    Sep 26, 2008
    We are selling this poultry equipment as one large lot that includes 3 incubators and 3 brooder units plus lots of other feeders, waters, pens, and other equipment. We spent many years accumulating all of this equipment and using it in our hatching and breeding poultry operation of raising endangered species of pheasants, ducks, quail, chickens, and other birds. The equipment is in working condition. We are selling this lot "as is" and for pick-up only. We have since closed our operation and are now offering the equipment for sale. Here's the lot:

    Thermostat controlled brooder pen
    Sears incubator
    Super Hatcher: holds thousands of eggs, updated with digital temperature control and automatic egg turner handle
    Large Oakes battery brooder
    GQF Mfg. Co. 5 layer brooder pen with individual temperature controls and feed bin attachments
    GQF Mfg. Co incubator with clear and solid door
    2 Large 6 compartment laying boxes with entry rails
    7 Hanging feeders
    2 Covered waterers
    Assorted ground feeders
    6 Covered quail and chicken feeders
    4 trough feeders
    Assorted chicken wire
    12+ pound water units
    3 feed scoops
    11 Quail and chicken feeders
    Miscellaneous quail pens
    Sets of peepers
    2 Feed barrels
    12+ brooder waterers
    Egg trays
    2 Wood chicken coops
    Feed buckets
    Brooder lamp
    Miscellaneous spare parts and light bulbs
    Auto water system hosing (several hundred feet)
    Water pressure reduction valve
    Sanitary brooder papers
    If you have questions regarding this lot, feel free to email us at [email protected] This is a fantastic group of equipment offered at well below value.

    To see pictures click on


    go to ebay item number 310087230342
  2. Have you considered breaking it down into more than one package? I or others may be interested in a few things but not all in a big lump. But then again there are those who are more addicted than I am and would love a 1000 egg hatcher. Others may like to have some of the smaller items. And because it is pick up only you may also want to add your location to your headlines. On ebay it states free shipping. So if we purchase here we have to come and get it? or if we purchase on ebay you'll send it? Kind of confusing as to which it is.... I do like your glass order incubator
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    Shipping costs: Free
    Local Pickup
    Service to United States
    Ships to: United States
    Item location: Lititz, Pennsylvania, United States
    History: 0 bids

    Shipping is FREE LOCAL PICKUP, in other words its not gonna get shipped to you [​IMG]

    Agree he should have put his location in the title, but as you can see he is a NEW EGG and will learn, or never post again since he is going out of the chicken business.

    P.S. Sorry if you are a SHE. [​IMG]
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    Sep 17, 2007
    we are in need of a 5 gallon metal poultry waterer. ours burned out from the kerosene heater underneath. can anyone direct me to a site where i might purchase one? or perhaps some one on line may sell them. i found one at fleming outdoors site. it cost 35 dollars and am not sure it will set on top of the band that protects the heater unit. thanks for any feed back i can get .....[​IMG]

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