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    In Australia, the trend for most poultry farms is the practice of free range farming techniques. This practice is in stark contrast to the traditional method of raising poultry that resembled a factory production line. Public concerns for health and environmental safety, have prompted many breeders to adopt the practice of free-range farming.
    Recently in the news, a group of animal liberationists used technology to infiltrate the farm of local poultry breeder in Dora Creek. With the aid of an unmanned drone, the group sought to capture on film the alleged violation of free range farming techniques by the farmer. Truly, the advocacy for free-range farming has reached a new level of espionage.
    To pick up more information about proper poultry farming techniques, check out the
    poultry courses online. An individual may sign up for a poultry farm course and log on to their lessons at any time, provided they have access to the Internet, and anywhere they may be. The chicken course provides a detailed explanation of the techniques adopted in managing a poultry farm, from feeding to pest control.

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