Poultry Management Software

Most people I know write in a notebook or use excel

I'd be very interested in well-designed software that also happened to be pretty, if you ever find any...
yea, i'm currently using excel - it gets the job done, but it's certainly not the most efficient way of doing things. i, too, would love to find software that made things easier and kept with all the data without me having to manually do it.

if i find some, i will let you know - - and if you find one, please let me know. ;)

happy new year.
There's one called ZooEasy that looks very, very comprehensive. I downloaded a sample and it looks like it would probably be pretty good for most people, but I have ADD so to me it looks like a jumble that I could make heads nor tails of. I'd have to play with it for a long time to figure it out. I think I'll just stick to my journal notebook. =)
I was looking at Poultry Pal and it seems to have some good features. Is there anyone here who has used it?
Poultry Pal is a free download from this site. It works on iPhone and android but is not yet formatted for the iPad. I downloaded it and looked it over but don't know enough about what is needed to track a flock well. I'd be interested to know what you think about it.

I downloaded the app this morning - it's basic with a focus on you being an SS customer. It will get the basic job done. Two things needed though: 1) the app needs to run smoother. It's noticeably.....rough around the edges. 2) there are no reporting tools - like if you want to see how many eggs you collected for the week or the month or heavens forbid the year, you will need to do the math for every entry on your own (excel will do this for you). Or for larger flocks, if you'd like to see your hen/rooster ratio, or how many hens are laying and which ones - you will need to stick to excel for this type of data.

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