Poultry sale law in PA


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I intend to eventually operate a pastured poultry and egg farm in Pennsylvania. In some states, like Michigan and Virginia, a processor may not market poultry directly to the public without a state or federal inspector, inspected facilities, etc. This is why people like Joel Salatin offer customers a whole live chicken... with optional free processing. This way, he can get around the law by selling a chicken (not restricted) and offering free processing (also not restricted). He could not legally sell a drop-in customer with no prior order a chicken out of the freezer; it and his facility have not been inspected.

31 P.S. § 483.4 states:
"(a) No person except a producer who slaughters and sells exclusively at retail shall operate an establishment as defined herein without first securing a license from the secretary for each such establishment to be operated."

Does this mean that I would probably be ok to 'slaughter and sell exclusively at retail', e.g. at the farm? Any PA chickeneurs want to weigh in on this? Can I process and sell poultry and eggs off the farm without an expensive inspected facility and an inspector on hand?

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