poultry show Deerfield, NH


Away for a bit
11 Years
Apr 15, 2008
New Hampshire
oct 11th
deerfield fairgrounds
deerfield nh
go to www.newhampshirepoultryfanciers.com for more info

Vendor spaces are available for a fee of $15.00 for anyone wishing to sell or trade birds or other animals, or agricultural related supplies. Adherence to all State regulations is the responsibility of the vendor
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i will not be here for this, i will be away. but thought others might be interested, its usually a good show and fun to see all the different types of birds all in one place. and usually a really nice choice of birds from breeders in the sales area
i am up in the air, my dog needs surgery on thurday, so that makes me think i may need to stay home for the weekend, instead of camping, if that happens then i will be going, if its not one thing its another
What surgery does he need?
is it major or minor surgery, of not major I dont se why you cant go.

he has a lump that needs to be removed, its showing itself out of the skin now, gross, but he is almost 11 and never ever been sick a day in his life, and i worry. he probably will be fine i know, but he is our baby.
Sounds like whats called a fatty tumor, susally nothing serious.
He should be fine but it will depend on where its located and if he can reach it to worry the stitches.
its just behind his front legs and all he does is lick lick lick, and with that lovely collar i know they will send him home in that will be fun too.
he has fatty tumors 2 i believe that are no problem, this is not the same, the vet said he needs to go in and remove a lot of tissue in the area, these things grow and come back often and to be sure it must be wider area than the actually problem spot, its not deep though
YAY !!!! Thanks

Ok, I will be stoping by (with hubby, ewww) to buy ALL the nice silkies (shhhh, don't tell Jen)

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